Entry #2

im gonna vlog the process

2016-04-08 07:55:05 by RabidtheRabbit

Since i'm a newb within the wonderful world of animation/drawing everything... I want to document the process i hope ill be making. (eventually livestreaming the process...but thats for later) funny thing is that i suck at vlogging! oh my, what a pickle.... 

the idea behind the vlog is that the viewers gets a sneak peek behind the scenes on how i learn to animate/draw, because every episode/project ill learn something new, get more experienced, so why not share it?

im not going to upload those to newgrounds, ill leave that at the youtube dump channel :P 

here it is... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8UtmVjzIGHE


hope to see you there!! got any points of feedback or just plain hate it? lemme know :D


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